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Our Open Water Swimming Lane provides a safe and secure environment to swim and enjoy the outdoors.

Please note, we have had long standing communication with the Wild Swimmers at Marine Lake and held a public consultation prior to planning to discuss the swimming arrangements. As part of this process we have ensured free public access for swimmers out with the operational hours of our business. 



Our wild swim lane provides a controlled environment for swimmers to train, allowing you to focus on your session without worrying about tides, currents or water safety. Please note Open Water Swimming at Wild Shore is not lessons and there will be no instruction. Swimmers must be aged 13+ to use the wild swim lane. 


£3 for a single swim 

£50 for Swim & Self Launch Annual Membership

Swimmers and membership holders must complete the online waiver once a season. 


Swimmers must wear a bright cap and a tow float when using the wild swim lane.

All membership holders must be experienced open water swimmers/paddle boarders/kayakers and have all of their own kit.

*Wild Shore New Brighton staff will periodically check memberships of water users.*

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