How do I apply for a job?

We are currently hiring for Instructor roles for the 2021 season! You can find our job advert and more information located here. Applications close on Monday 12th April!

Do you hire local people?

Yes! We plan to employ a variety of local people who have an interest in outdoor activities, the delivery of excellent customer service and that are passionate about working with people.

How will Wild Shore New Brighton benefit the community?

We provide a quality outdoor environment, which caters for the whole community and encourages a healthy and active lifestyle for all who use it. We will also provide long-term training and employment opportunities for people in New Brighton. We will provide sports development opportunities for young people to engage in alternative sports activities in a safe and welcoming environment diverting them away from anti-social behavior. We aim to promote the benefits of the outdoor environment and providing a positive experience for people of all ages.

Do you have parking?

There is no parking associated with Wild Shore New Brighton but there is plenty free parking nearby. We also recommend using public transport.

Is there disabled parking?

Unfortunately we do not have disabled parking on site but there are disability parking bays in the nearby free parking.

Are there changing facilities?

Yes. We have changing facilities on site available for all our customers.

Are there toilets?

Yes. We have toilets on site available for all our customers.

What are the minimum ages?

All our activities have different requirements. Aqua Park, age 6 and above. Wakeboarding, 6 and above. Open Water Swimming, age 13 and above. SUP, age 8 and above.

Do adults have to accompany kids on the activities?

An adult must be present at sign-in and be on-site during the activity, but an adult does not need to accompany children on a session. The only exception to this rule is that children who are aged 6 and 7 must have an accompanying adult on an Aqua Park session. All sessions are fully supervised by qualified instructors.

How can I get in contact?

If you require any further information please don’t hesitate to get in touch! You can contact us via email; marinelake@advholdings.co.uk Or you can send us a message on our facebook page ‘Wild Shore New Brighton’ or our instagram @wildshorenewbrighton. We plan to have a telephone number when we are up and running and our website will be updated accordingly.

Do you clean the kit?

Yes, we have very stringent cleaning measures in place. All our wetsuits, helmets and buoyancy aids are cleaned thoroughly after each use.

How long are your vouchers valid for?

Our vouchers are valid for a year from date of purchase. You can redeem them on our website when booking or you can give us a call to use them and we will gladly assist you to get booked in.

When are you opening?

We are planning to open in Summer 2021. We do not have an exact date yet but will update our website accordingly.

Does the weather cancel activities?

Rain or shine our activities will be on! We will endeavour to let you know as soon as possible if we have to do this. It is extremely rare that we have to cancel for poor weather, it is generally only a thunder and lighting storm or high winds means we have to stop our activities.

Is kit hire included?

Kit hire is included in the price of all our instructor lead activities. This includes, Wakeboarding, Aqua park and Learn to SUP. If you wish to use the self launch option for stand up paddle boarding then you would need to pay for kit hire if you did not have your own. For Open Water Swimming sessions, we have a supplementary charge of £2 for wetsuit hire.

What if I don’t know my final numbers at time of booking?

We advise you book for the maximum number of participants to avoid disappointment if the session is full later when you try and add participants. We must know your FINAL NUMBERS 48 hours before your booking – we will otherwise have to charge you in full for the sessions and participants you have booked. Preferably, we ask you to let us know 1 week before your booking, 48 hours is the ABSOLUTE LATEST we can amend a booking.

Can I bring my own kit?

Yes you are welcome to bring your own wetsuit, buoyancy aid, helmet, wakeboard or SUP, etc. Please note that on Aqua Chimp, we recommend that you wear a full wetsuit. If you bring your own wakeboard, if it has large fins or metal fins, we may ask you to remove them if you are hitting the jumps and obstacles.

Do I pay for the day?

No, all our activities are priced individually. You can check out all the activity prices on the tabs at the top of the website.

Can I bring dogs?

Yes, dogs are welcome around the site but must be kept on a lead.

What is your commitment to the community?

Wild Shore New Brighton, from its inception, has has in addition to the Commercial requirements of the Company, aimed to create a project that will provided tangible benefits to and the managed use of Marine Lake by access to the community of New Brighton and Wirral.

From our very initial informal discussions with local stakeholders and Wirral Council, the presentation to NBCCT and local councillors, to our public consolation prior to our planning submission, we have placed community dialogue at the very top of our priorities. We are very mindful of the current access that the local community has at Marine Lake and the wide-ranging benefits this creates. With this, we are committed to continueing our dialogue with local stakeholders and to ensure that every their voice is heard in terms of concerns any issues moving forward.

Following rom our initial public consultation, we have worked closely with an established group of wild swimmers, who approached us with concerns, at that timearound free access to Marine Lake. Through a series of meetings and consultations over a year long period, Wild Shore New Brighton have committed to providing ongoing free access to the wild swimmers every morning, prior to our operational hours. The group will also have access to the water, out of season (November to February). Opening hours will vary throughout our season, which was acknowledged by the wild swimmers.

During our operationalning hours, we will be selling are committed to providing a safe and managedonitored space for people to participate get involved in water based activities. These including; open water swimming, wakeboarding, Aqua Park, Stand Up Paddle Boarding and pedalos, all supervised by fully trained and insured staff, with safety cover in place. All personal and activity equipment will be supplied included in the charge. Changing and shower accommodation will also be provided... During our opening hours we will be charging people to use our services which include; open water swimming sessions (with water safety), self-launch of stand-up paddle boards and instructor led aqua park sessions amongst other acticities.

There has been ongoing discussion with regards to our opening hours and if when non-patrons will be able to use the lake. out with these. Our opening hours will be are regularly updated on this page of the website and on our booking system. Given the nature of the business, our opening hours will vary throughout the year but we will endeavour to give organised access to the water for Community Groups and individuals you as much notice as possible to allow you to plan when you wish to use the water, for free, out-with our operational hours. Any such use will be at the users own risk, and we may ask for proof of adequate insurance cover for the group.

We hope intend to bring many benefits to the wider community which include substantial job creation, a safe space for people of all ages to engage in a new activity with the assistance of our qualified staff and equipment, and an opportunity for individuals and groups to enjoy the great outdoors and the many associated health benefits.

We hope this statement highlights our commitment both to current users of the lake as well as our potential customers who have perhaps not had the opportunity to make use of the facility thus far.

We hope look forward to welcomeing lots of you to our site when we open in Summer 2021. We ask that you email us on marinelake@advholdings.co.uk should you have any questions on the above statement.

Thank you for taking the time to read this commitment to the community.

Kind Regards,

Wild Shore New Brighton.

Do I need to book?

Yes, all our activities require pre booking. When we are open, you can book on the ‘Book Now’ tab on this website or alternatively you can give us a call. Our website will be updated accordingly when we are accepting bookings for Summer 2021. There is the chance we will have availability for on the day bookings and walkins but please do not rely on this.

Do you do group discounts?

No, all our activities are priced individually.

Do I have to fill out the waiver every time?

No, we require you to fill out the waiver once a year.

Is the water clean?

Yes, we test the water regularly.

What are your opening hours?

Opening hours are to be confirmed. We will update our website accordingly in due course.

What are your operational hours?

We expect there will be some variation to these times dependent on daylight and demand.

JUNE (start date tbc):

Monday + Tuesday = Wild Shore New Brighton closed.

Wednesday – Sunday = 08:30-19:00

JULY (excluding school holidays):

Monday + Tuesday = Wild Shore New Brighton closed.

Wednesday – Sunday = 08:30-21:00

JULY/ AUGUST (school holidays):

Monday – Sunday = 08:30-21:30

SEPTEMBER (excluding school holidays):

Monday + Tuesday = Wild Shore New Brighton closed.

Wednesday – Sunday = 08:30-20:00


Monday + Tuesday = Wild Shore New Brighton closed.

Wednesday – Sunday = 08:30-19:00

While we may not always start activities at these times, performing safety checks and setting up activities for the day requires staff members to have sole access of the lake between these hours. Please note, all times given above are provisional and are subject to change. We will endeavour to update our website as soon as possible if we change any of our business hours.